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Built on containers

Containers combine the advantages of shared hosting and VPS's: you get dedicated resources, high security and availability while keeping the cost down.


The platform is built on Docker and Kubernetes, industry-leading technologies.

Google Cloud

First-class infrastructure, data centers around the world, fast network. Google Cloud has been a great partner.

Dedicated resources

Your RAM is your RAM, your CPU is your CPU.


Containers are lightweight and fast; we always care about performance of your sites.

With each account, you get free sites for development.

Modern technologies

Our philosophy is to support the latest and greatest – we believe that there are enough hosts offering legacy technologies already.


All sites get PHP 7. Orange and red versions, incl. 5.6, are not supported.

Nginx web servers

Nginx is a faster web server than Apache, we use it for all sites.


All sites get HTTP/2, which also means they are HTTPS, and HTTPS-only.


WP-CLI is an awesome way to manage WordPress sites, we support it out of the box.

With each account, you get free sites for development.

Time-saving tools

Your web platform should be more than "just hosting". We value your productivity.

Beautiful user portal

With minimalism in mind, the portal focuses on what's important. No cPanels here!

Full SSH

All your favorite tools like WP-CLI, Git, Composer or :wq.

Helpful logs

With a lovely web UI and full-text search, it will be there when you need it.

Web terminal

You'll love this: get a terminal session right from your browser.

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