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VersionPress 4.0: Feedback on Plugin Support Wanted

VersionPress 4.0 introduces one significant feature: support for plugins and themes. It's a complex task and a pull request so large that GitHub barely handles it 🙂 but we're close to merging it.

Before we do so and release the first alpha for 4.0, we're looking for feedback on docs/ document. It's not a short read but hopefully an interesting one.

Specifically, we'd like your feedback on:

  1. Is it generally clear how plugin support works and what should be done to create a definition for a new plugin?
  2. Does the document read well? Would you suggest any changes to its structure?
  3. Is the terminology clear and consistent? There are terms like “actions”, “entities”, “scopes” etc., do they make sense?

Please read the document and then leave a comment inside the pull request #1075, here in the comments, on Gitter or via this Google Forms survey.

Many thanks, your feedback helps a lot!

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