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March News

We sometimes go quiet for various reasons but it's never because we would be working less on VersionPress – in fact, it's usually quite the opposite. Let me share what happened during the past month and what progress we made.

Growing the team

At the beginning of the month, Václav Ostrožlík joined us a colleague and another developer. Václav is skilled not only in PHP but also in other technologies that will be important for one particular feature area in the v2 timeframe. It's too early to talk about the details but I'm personally excited about it as I think this will be interesting not only for VersionPress users but for WordPress devs in general.

Our test suite for v1 is complete

Sometimes we internally joke that we're half implementing VersionPress and half implementing the test framework for it. I'll definitely blog one day about our process and why we're spending so much time and energy on it but for the project and v1 in general, it is important that in March we completed the test suite. That doesn't mean that every part of VersionPress is covered by a test but at least we have all the important types of tests created (unit, functional, Git-related, database-related etc.). It gives us a great safety net for current and future updates of the core codebase.

1.0 RC3

RC3 is planned to be the last release candidate which means that in case of no bug reports, it will become the 1.0 build. That also means that anything and everything left for 1.0 must be done in the upcoming RC3 version and we have discovered some edge cases that needed to be addressed. At the moment, we have about 90% of tickets for RC3 closed and are working on the remaining 10%.

Background stuff

We are also working on partnerships that will be beneficial in way or the other to the project and our users. For example, we're working with some hosting companies to offer an environment where VersionPress will be fully supported. Most of these things take some time but VersionPress is a complex project and it's important that we spend some effort on these things too, even though it might slow us down a little bit in the short term.

Thanks and the next blog post should be the RC3 announcement.

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